Unleash your inner project manager.

GetSavi is project training specifically designed for business people taking on a big tech project. If you’re confused or indeed cacking yourself, don’t panic. We’ll get you savvy in no time.
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Project management training isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. But trust us – we know how to make it engaging and enjoyable. By creating an immersive approach based around storytelling and gamification, we’ll bring the challenges and rewards to life in a way that’s easy to remember and apply.

People focused.
Not boring.

GetSavi was created by a team of highly experienced project managers who between them have delivered over 500 projects. It’s for businesses and individuals who want to make sure their big shiny new tech or business change project is a big win, and not a big dud.

It’s true: too many projects fail. Others kind of succeed, but definitely don’t live up to expectations or justify the effort and investment. Why? Because project management is essentially all about getting the best out of people. Who signs off the business case? People. Who assess the best tech solution? People. Who embraces or rejects it once it’s in? You guessed it.

A new way to learn.

Everyone in the mix has a different agenda, and different hopes and concerns. GetSavi allows you get the best out of people at each stage in the process. So you’ll be able to avoid the pitfalls that so many PMs fall into.

OK GetSavi...

What challenges can you solve?


We know what we’re talking about. So trust us when we say we can solve all the challenges you know about and the ones you don’t yet.


Generally, colleagues don’t like change. Management teams often have different opinions about the best way to proceed. And even the most engaged team members will often have other priorities competing for their attention.


From turning change-resistant colleagues into your biggest ambassadors, to co-ordinating support from the management team throughout – and managing all the resource and political challenges that are bound to crop up along the way – GetSavi’s scenario-based training helps you smash it out of the park, with skills you’ll be able to use throughout your career. And not just for your next project, but all your projects.


GetSavi’s project management training is designed specifically to demystify how complex projects are managed, so you know what matters and where the pitfalls are at every stage.

Who is GetSavi for?

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For individuals

Some individuals will be thrilled at being made responsible for an important project. Others may well be a tad more apprehensive. Whatever you’re feeling, we can help build your confidence and organisation so you feel totally ready to embrace the task in hand, whilst giving your CV an invaluable upgrade with accredited project management skills.

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For businesses

If you’re planning a big change across your organisation, you need to know it’s not going to fall flat and still end up costing a lot – which does happen. By preparing your project managers and project team for the task in hand, you’ll be able to take a lot of the risk out of the process and make sure you lay the foundations for success, whilst also investing in your people.


Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what our customers say…

"What a great experience"

“We’ve worked hard to ensure that we’re teaching a best practise methodology that is easy to remember and employ. From the just-in-time feedback and guidance to a full suite of toolkits, templates and checklists, and a formal, accredited assessment with diagnostic feedback once you reach the finishing line.”

John Doe – CEO, Amazon


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