4-Steps to GetSavi.

At GetSavi, we have a clear vision of what high-quality online learning means to us.

We create “sticky” learning experiences

We use techniques that are packed with reinforcement to challenge and stimulate a change in thinking – and spark behavioural change too. All with the aim of creating higher learning engagement.

Our learner-centric approach is based on a simple framework of 5 elements:



Everybody loves a good story.

Stories can be compelling and can help learners to connect emotionally.

With story-based learning, our learners are introduced to new ideas and are pushed to rethink and re-evaluate their assumptions. The stories we use are engaging and easy to remember, creating higher retention and recall, leading to a memorable and sticky learning experience.

Essentially, we use simple narratives to break down dry or complex topics into something that is relatable and easy to understand. They feature a cast of characters and set a context, both of which are meaningful and memorable to our learners.



Amp up knowledge retention.

We use real-world business scenarios so that learners can practice and apply their knowledge. By leveraging real-world experiences, we can improve performance by dramatically amping-up knowledge retention and changing behaviour.

Step up learner engagement.

We use real-life situations that are relatable to our learners. As we present them with each scenario, they understand the impact of their choices or consequences of their decisions. This helps learners steadily improve their understanding and the reinforcement keeps the “Forgetting Curve” at bay.


“Just-in-time” learning aids and templates

Bite-sized learnings for high impact.

“Just-in-time” learning aids complement our courses, making them more interesting and meaningful and helping our learners to apply their knowledge on the job.

Our learning aids, or support tools, are nuggets of information of a few minutes in length, delivered in a format that provides learners with on-the-job support just when they need it.

Learning should be flexible, focused, and in bite-sized chunks. Having access to these learning aids at precisely the right time, boosts performance and accelerates learning. By design, they are easy to understand and easy to apply.

Our learning aids come in varied engaging formats that appeal to different learner profiles and different ways of learning, including eBooks, interactive videos and infographics, interactive PDFs, toolkits and check-lists.

Over 500 projects have taught us that there are key documents and tools you must have to help stay on top of your project and ensure it is successful.

You’ll be using the toolkits and templates we provide for years to come on your projects. They are beautifully designed, accessible, simple to use and to the point. Simply download them to your device and you’re ready to go!


Games make learning fun.

Gamified assessments

Compared to traditional ‘dry’ training approaches, an engaging learning journey helps learners achieve better outcomes more easily.

Our gamified assessments and quizzes capture and hold our learners’ attention and challenges them, ensuring they complete the journey and deliver the desired impact.

There are several informal games and quizzes to test your understanding along the way – all in a safe environment where we provide feedback to let you know where you’re doing well and outline areas for improvement. 

As well as the final assessment at the end of our courses, scorecards, badges, and leaderboards will keep things interesting along the way.


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