Course Outline.

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An in-depth overview into each module:

Module 1


Time to complete: 30mins

Introduction to the course, scenario, learning pathway and course navigation

Module 2

Business Case

Time to complete: 120mins

Developing a Business Case for project funding and approval, including:

Module 3

Planning and resourcing

Time to complete: 120mins

Once your project is approved - Planning and resourcing your project, assembling your project team, thinking ahead about beneficial change. This module covers:

Module 4

Requirements Gathering

Time to complete: 120mins

Gathering your project requirements to suppliers, and reviewing business processes including:

Module 5

Supplier Selection

Time to complete: 120mins

Choosing your ideal technology supplier - Creating a Request-for-proposal (RfP) and running a successful and supplier selection process, including:

Module 6

Change Management

Time to complete: 120mins

Learn how to deliver successful business change alongside your project, including:

Module 7


Time to complete: 120mins

You’ve chosen your supplier and created your project team – time to implement the technology and business change across the organisation. Learn how to:

Module 8

Testing, reporting, data and integration

Time to complete: 120mins

Managing high-risk areas - Data, integration, Reporting and User Acceptance Testing, including:

Module 9

Going Live

Time to complete: 120mins

Preparing for go-live and the “new business-as-usual”, including:

Module 10

Benefits management

Time to complete: 120mins

Introduction to Benefits Management as part of your project, including:

An in-depth overview into each module:

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