Self-paced online learning.

The course is approximately 7 hours and is broken down into short, manageable modules, designed to accelerate your learning process, while giving you the ability to do it anywhere, any time and at your own pace.

How much does it cost?

Our costs are flexible and based around two things:

The number of people undertaking the training

The number of months you want the course content and learning platform available to you

A sliding scale of reductions is available if you want more licences and you can select Project Manager courses and Project Sponsor courses in any combination you like. Just get in touch with our team to find out more.

Benefits of unlimited use for your business.

You can train your whole team

Business change projects need everyone on board. By training your management team about what works on projects, you get everyone on the same page and increase your chances of success.

You’ll have unlimited access to:

The course content and learning platform

Templates, videos, check-lists, and other materials

Quizzes and assessments, which you can complete as many times as you want

What's Included?

The price of our course includes full Project Management Certification, 7 hours of insight-driven training covering every aspect of your projects, and a full suite of vital project documents. These are yours to keep, so you’ll be able to use them on future projects for as long as you need.

Choose the number of licences.

We offer three pricing models: an individual rate, a discounted rate for your project teams, and a heavily discounted rate for your whole business

Individual licences (1-5)
Team rate (more than 5)
Train your project teams
Pay online or off-line at a discounted rate
Business-wide rate - Contact us about unlimited licensing
Hugely discounted
Train your entire teams
Organisation-wide, available for any number of users for 12 months

Choose the duration of your licence.

6-month duration - $399USD
12-month duration - $499USD


Choose the duration of your licence.

Buy any number for your project teams and you can pay online or off-line (for over 5 licences)


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