Why you’ll
love GetSavi.

We’ve spent years considering and researching the answer to one question: What makes so many projects fail while others succeed? The answer we’ve found is nearly always the same – project managers often don’t understand the human element of what they are undertaking, whether that’s on the client side, supplier side or with colleagues.

What they don’t tell you in the text books

Our project management training is unique because it is designed to deliver projects in the real-world, and specifically addresses this critical real world challenge every step of the way. So one of the main reasons you’ll love GetSavi is because our approach dramatically reduces the risk of failure while increasing the chances of a successful end result that is embraced by everyone.

Our teaching is fully accredited and globally-recognised, so wherever your career takes you you’ll be able to prove your credibility and knowledge in a flash – all over the world.

A simple all-in-one system to manage your training.

Everything you need in one place, ready to go.

The entire GetSavi training platform has been artfully engineered as a one stop shop that’s a joy to use. Engaging and beautiful on any device you might choose, it couldn’t be easier to use or access. So whether you want to learn at home, at work, your favourite tearoom or café, or somewhere else entirely, GetSavi is a piece of cake.

Designed for the modern learner.

We’ve incorporated the latest Project Management methodologies and the latest teaching methodologies to create the ultimate fit-for-purpose tool that will suit any contemporary workplace.

Accreditation (and benefits).

The GetSavi Project management for business people programme enables our learners across the globe to obtain recognised skills that are certified by the two of the most reputable institutions.

Our programme is certified by both the UK CPD Certification Service and PMI, who are responsible for setting educational standards and providing certification. By taking this programme, you’ll gain skills that are globally recognised,

We’re big believers of celebrating success. So, on successful completion of your final formal assessment, you will receive a personalised digital certificate and badge as proof of your newly-acquired skills. What a great way to end your project!


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