Meet your teachers.

GetSavi was founded by longstanding friends and collaborators Glenda Parker and Allen Reid.

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"It wasn’t easy, but then getting things right rarely is."

With more than 500 projects to our names, we both found ourselves thinking about ways we could turn our deep expertise and passion for education into an immersive learning platform that would benefit others.

The result was GetSavi, but it didn’t happen overnight. We have spent a lot of time honing our approach, to make sure that all the knowledge we’ve cultivated is available to business people in the right way, for the most impactful real-world results.

“We realised a long time ago that most important business change requires a project to achieve it, and projects require knowing how to get people to work enthusiastically towards a common goal. The GetSavi platform reflects that philosophy to a T.”

Glenda Parker

Savi by name.
Savi by nature.

If you’ve never heard of Savitribai Phule, allow us to illuminate you. Savi was the first female teacher in India, and played a critical role in improving women’s rights across the country. She’s our hero.

All gets lost without knowledge. - Savitribai Phule

Our point of view.

We’re a human-centred organisation, and we have a strong focus on “learning by doing.

Unlike traditional project management training – which contains a lot of theory that people struggle to relate to the real word – we have designed a learning experience that is highly interactive, relevant, and focused entirely on what you need for success at each stage of your real-world project. You can finish the course and relate it directly to your own business and your own project.

Basically, we couldn’t find a good PM course out there that focused on the people side of projects, so we built our own.


Our core Values.

Our vision.

At the heart of our vision is the learning experience. By delivering the most immersive learner experience possible, we help PMs take their learning back to work and make it really useful, right away.

Our mission.

We’re on a mission to change the perception of project management from a dry speciality, to a vital tool – one that empowers careers by helping master business change all over the world. By demystifying project management for business people, we’re helping them to be more ambitious, embracing successful transformation and avoiding failure.

Our purpose.

Our purpose is simple – create killer courses and experiences where the learning actually sticks. You can take it back to work and use what you’ve learnt right away and for years to come.

We are driven by a desire to share the massive project management knowledge we’ve acquired over three decades. GetSavi exists to make those insights as accessible as possible, so that fewer projects (and project managers) fail.


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